Perceptions and realities about physical activity and health!

InterACTIVE virtual conference

Friday, May 7, 2021, 18h30-20h | Ages 9 and up – Free, registration required

This event is organized by the Armand-Frappier Museum in the context of 24 Hours of Science and Science Odyssey

Accompanied by experts, members of the scientific committee of the Get moving! Exhibition, a Museum moderator will debunk a few myths regarding physical activity and health.

You’ll be surprised by this conference, which will certainly inspire you to action!


Tell us what are your perceptions and realities about physical activity and health.

We hear many things regarding physical activity and health but are they true? Which questions would you like our experts to answer?

Let us know by filling in the form*.

Deadline to participate : Tuesday, April 20, 17h.

* By participating, you’ll have a chance at winning a 4-person pass to visit the Museum’s new “Get moving!” temporary exhibition.

A conference organized in the context of the Get moving! temporary exhibition currently presented at the Armand-Frappier Museum.

Get moving with the Armand-Frappier Museum!

Get moving

This winter, the Armand-Frappier Museum offered active learning mini-workshops about the functioning of the body when it is in movement and on the benefits of physical activity.

photo bouger

Our moderator, Myriam.

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