Open house days

Open house days

Chaque année, le Musée propose quelques journées portes ouvertes afin d'accueillir de nouveaux visiteurs ou encore, pour proposer des activités différentes à ses fidèles visiteurs! Abonnez-vous à notre infolettre pour être tenu au courant de ces journées spéciales.

Upcoming open house days

  • Free activity for children over 9: From one end of the planet to the other, are we different, genetically speaking? - May 11 and 18, 2019

In the context of the 24 Hours of Science and of the 2019 Science Odyssey, the Armand-Frappier Museum opens the doors of its "Us and them - From prejudice to racism" exhibition free of charge. Accompanied by scientific moderators, the visitors briefly explore the exhibition and take part in moderated workshops. In the laboratory, the visitors will put on lab coats, ask themselves questions, and put forward their hypotheses. From one continent to another, from one village to another, and from one family to another, does DNA vary? Are there necessarily more genetic differences between two people who are geographically far away from each other? To find out, participants will migrate DNA samples on agarose gel.

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