Past Exhibitions

2018-2019 Exhibition : Us and them. From prejudice to racism exhibition

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At the crossroads of biology, history and sociology, the exhibition enables us to understand scientifically what racism is about, as well as how and why this phenomenon is occurring in our societies. The exhibition Us and them. From prejudice to racism also presents the state of knowledge on the subject, notably in areas related to human genetics that confirm that the notion of «race» is not scientifically valid in humans.

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Moderated activities

Saturdays from September 15th until June 22, 2018, the Museum offers activities led by a scientific moderator to visitors who wish to participate

Visitors will experience a real immersion into the universe of scientific research by carrying out a laboratory experiment: Social stress and brain. Beakers and semipermeable membranes in hand, demystify the functioning of the brain’s protective barrier and discover the effects of social stress on this precious organ.

Information : schedule of moderated activities. In total, please allow about 2 hours for a visit to the Museum.

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