Get Moving! exhibition

Get Moving! exhibition

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Designed by the Museum, the Get moving! exhibition will provide the visitors with information on the functioning of the body when it is in movement and on the benefits of physical activity.

Here is an exhibition that is sure to make you want to get moving more, for your health and for fun!.

Physical activity is essential to preserve health. But to what extent is it important? What happens when the body is moving? What can we do to move more? The Get Moving! exhibition is an invitation to spring into action to answer these questions and many others!

On your mark, get set... get moving!

Please note that your scientific moderator, an expert in science popularization, adapt his remarks to meet the needs of your group. From preschoolers to adults, everyone find the answers to their questions in this exhibition.

Duration of the moderated visit: 1h30

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  • Moderated activities
  • Muscles in action

    Saturdays from December 5th,2020 to June 25, 2021, the Museum offers activities led by a scientific moderator to visitors who wish to participate

    Visitors will experience a real immersion into the universe of scientific research by carrying out a laboratory experiment: Muscles in action. Is having big muscles a guarantee of great strength? Participants will kick into action and use a dynamometer to test their own muscle strength. They will demystify the notions of cramps, stiffness, and muscle fatigue. To better understand the latter, they will be introduced to biochemistry and measure the pH of various samples.

    The 45-minutes laboratory Muscles in action is offered to all visitors of Get Moving! exhibition.

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