Capacity of the Museum

The Museum's exhibition rooms can accommodate up to 48 visitors at a time. When the number of visitors in a group exceeds 48 (up to a maximum of 64), one or two complementary activities must be selected in addition to the guided tour, so that participants can rotate between visiting the exhibition and doing these activities.

Unfolding of a group visit

  • Each group is divided into subgroups, each with a maximum of 16 visitors.
  • Each subgroup is accompanied by a moderator, who is a university student in biosciences.
  • Each subgroup does the same activities and visits all the zones of the exhibition.
  • We strongly recommend that you provide as many adult supervisors as there are subgroups.
  • The Museum will welcome one adult supervisor per subgroup at no cost.


Plan on spending an hour and a half for the tour of the exhibition and 45 minutes for each complementary activity.


Access to a lunchroom is available for your group, on site, for a fee of $2.25 per person. Each visitor must bring his lunch that does not require refrigeration or reheating. The duration of the lunch period is 45 minutes.

Entrance fees

For pricing of our group visits, please consult the Entrance Fees section.


For our contact details, please consult the Information and Reservation section.