Get Moving! exhibition - SCHOOL GROUP

The Museum invites you to the presentation of its brand new temporary exhibition Get moving!

Designed by the Museum, this exhibition will provide the visitors with information on the functioning of the body when it is in movement and on the benefits of physical activity.

Here is an exhibition that is sure to make you want to get moving more, for your health and for fun!.

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Physical activity is essential to preserve health. But to what extent is it important? What happens when the body is moving? What can we do to move more? The Get Moving! exhibition is an invitation to spring into action to answer these questions and many others!

On your mark, get set... get moving!

  • Exhibition and laboratory
  • Complete your moderate visit with activities in the laboratory!

    Increased sanitary measures during the COVID-19 pandemic

    The Museum applies the sanitary measures recommended by the public health authorities.Consult our measures!

    Your health and wellbeing are the focus of our concerns

    Return on - Us and them. From prejudice to racism exhibition

    Presented in 2018-2019

    At the crossroads of biology, history and sociology, the exhibition enables us to understand scientifically what racism is about, as well as how and why this phenomenon is occurring in our societies.

    Lab Social stress and the brainZoomZoom (101KB)
    © Image au Carré / Armand-Frappier Museum

    The exhibition Us and them. From prejudice to racism also presents the state of knowledge on the subject, notably in areas related to human genetics that confirm that the notion of «race» is not scientifically valid in humans.

    Please note that your scientific moderator, an expert in science popularization, adapt his remarks to meet the needs of your group. From preschoolers to adults, everyone find the answers to their questions in this exhibition.

    Duration of the moderated visit: 1h30

  • Laboratory activities
  • The 45-minutes laboratory Social stress and the brain is offered to all visitors of Us and them. From prejudice to racism exhibition. It's content is tailored to the clientele. Groups can enhance their visit by carrying out one or two activities in the laboratory.

    Us and them  exhibition ZoomZoom
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  • Provide a scientific viewpoint on a complex and essential subject
  • The visitors will explore the topic using a variety of means: multimedia production, digital interactive content and moderated workshops. Accompanied by our moderators, visitors of all ages will participate in moderated workshops in the context of the exhibition and in the laboratory in order to improve their knowledge of certain scientific concepts. These workshops will help develop their appreciation for human diversity and that of the living world and will most certainly increase their incentive to take better care of themselves and of others!