List of workshops

Classroom workshop

Each activity is composed of a short thematic presentation, an interactive game that permits familiarization with the explained concepts and a question period.

# Activities Public Target
1 Living or nonliving? Preschool and primary cycle 1
2 My brilliant brain! Preschool and primary
3 The science...of preparing your lunch! Preshool and primary
4 Demystify vaccination Preschool and primary
5 Playing with microorganisms! Primary and secondary cycle 1
6 A family likeness Primary cycle 2 and 3 and secondary cycle 1
7 Is it an allergy? Primary cycle 2 and 3 and secondary cycle 1
8 Crime scene: forensic medicine to the rescue! Secondary
9 STBBI under the magnifying glass Secondary cycle 1
10 Antigen-antibody reaction Secondary cycle 2
11 Effects of drugs on the human body Secondary cycle 2