Sanitary measures

Preventive measures implemented by the Museum – Classroom workshops

Dear teachers and students, our team will be delighted to visit you in the classroom for a moderated science activity.

1) Before coming to your school, our moderator will answer various questions to ensure that he doesn't have any symptoms of COVID-19, and that he is not subject to quarantine.

2) At school, the moderator respects the physical distancing of 2 meters from the students and the personnel as much as possible.

3) At all times, the moderator will wear personal protective equipment throughout the visit to the school.

4) The activity scenarios are adapted to avoid sharing non-disinfected material between the students. Sufficient time is allotted between the activities to allow the moderator to disinfect the material and the surfaces touched in class (for example, the computer keyboard in the case of a PowerPoint projection, table, etc.).

5) The moderator and the children disinfect their hands at the beginning and end of the moderated activity using hydroalcoholic gel. We are relying on you to provide the gel required for the children.

6) After our visit, you will receive an email with an evaluation form. We thank you for taking a moment to answer it; your comments and suggestions are valuable!

Please don't hesitate to contact us at: 450-686-5641, extension 0 to reserve or ask a question.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The Museum team