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Science camps

History of the science camps

The Armand-Frappier Museum's microbiology and biotechnology initiation camps were established in the summer of 1995 by the late Dr. Lise Frappier Davignon, a researcher in epidemiology. As for the initiation to the environment and biodiversity camp, it was offered for the first time in the summer of 2003. A fourth camp program was added to the Museum’s summer program in 2009; the initiation to human health and toxicology camp. In 2013, a fifth program, an initiation to the biosciences camp, intended for 6 to 8 year olds, will be added. To date, this extremely popular activity has initiated more than 2700 young people into bioscience experimentation.


The camps ensure exceptional supervision, with a camper to counsellor ratio of 8:1. The counsellors have either obtained their bachelor's or master's degrees in the biosciences, or are in the midst of doing so. With their passion and expertise in microbiology or biotechnology, the counsellors are able to help young participants discover the diversity in the world of living things.