Description of the camps (summer)

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Following the success achieved by the 2020 online summer camps, the Museum is renewing the virtual experience. This year, the Museum will offer not only one, but two different camps to children from 6-8 and 9-13 years of age. These two camps, with complementary themes, will be offered alternately throughout the summer season.

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Zoom in on humans 1: From molecules to cells!

This theme aims to introduce the molecules and cells that are the bases of living beings, from microorganisms to humans! While having fun, the youngsters will discover various cell types and their roles. Here are a few examples of the activities that will be carried out:

  • A family likeness: understanding the role of DNA and the basics of heredity.
  • Cells under scrutiny: observation of specimens to understand their roles as a function of their shapes.
  • Neurons in action: game to discover the functioning of brain cells.

  • Zoom in on humans 2: From tissues to systems!

    Over the course of the sessions, the curious young minds will explore the various tissues, organs, and systems that work together to keep the human body functional and healthy. Among others, they will review the nervous, digestive, and circulatory systems. Through games, experiences, and discussions, they will understand that the human body’s systems are tightly connected. Here are a few examples of activities that will be carried out:

  • Playing with the senses: discovering the nervous system and perception!
  • Healthy skeleton and muscles: demonstration of an experiment to explain how calcium acts in the human body
  • Demystifying blood groups: solve a puzzle to better understand blood groups and the cardiovascular system.