Armand Frappier: pioneer of preventive medicine

His retirement

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A well-deserved retirement!

Armand Frappier was a welcoming, joyful, and dynamic man, whose tenacity and perseverance allowed him to achieve the goals he set for himself. He was a religious man and he placed the Institut Armand-Frappier under the aegis of St. Joseph. He was a philosopher of lively spirit and sound judgment. Moreover, he always looked at both sides of the coin before giving his opinion. At his conferences, his magnetism was apparent and he excelled in the art of making even the driest subject matter seem interesting. He was a good speaker and could easily make the transition from seriousness to frank light-heartedness. In business matters, he had a good sense of organization and administration. His files were always well prepared. He was also a tireless reader. During his numerous travels, he would take the time to read up on the major and the less major historical aspects of cities and towns. He was considered a patient authority figure to his students, a fair but rather strict examiner. Apparently one day a rather nonchalant student asked him how he could turn around his failures. Dr. Frappier advised him to consult with a surgeon to have his right foot rotated 180º so that he could give himself a kick in the pants with every step.

Dr. Frappier retired in 1974, at the age of 70.