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The objects in the collections

The Armand Frappier Museum's collections comprise two divisions, each with its own distinct mandate.

The Armand Frappier collection

This first division is composed of objects that depict the life and work of Dr. Frappier. Many of them come from a bequest made in 1992 to the Armand Frappier Foundation. Dr. Frappier's personal items include awards of excellence or honourable distinction, travel notes, objects that depict his career as a doctor and scientific researcher, objets d'art such as paintings and sculptures, gifts received from his students or other individuals as well as archival documents. The collection also comprises laboratory objects that evoke microbiological and biotechnological scientific research. However, for this collection, the objects that come from the institute founded by Dr. Frappier must be representative of the objects he used to conduct his work.

The scientific and educational collection

The second division, designated the scientific and educational collection, took shape following the Museum's opening in 1994. It is composed of a set of objects that relate to the biosciences and their history, as well as to the Museum's missions and activities. The objects that compose this collection come primarily from donations made by researchers at the institute founded by Dr. Frappier, and depict microbiological and biotechnological scientific research in Quebec, but in a more general fashion. These objects may be used in exhibitions or outreach activities. In contrast to the objects in the Armand Frappier collection, the objects in the scientific and educational collection may be handled by the Museum's visitors. Handling of these objects may take the form of experiments or present the development of scientific research.